Transcription Services

Adhering to the international standards, transcribe services are provided for

  • audio-to-text
  • speech-to-text
  • voice-to-text

Utmost accuracy on the project is assured by us. Our team is well-expertise in various dialects and accents.
Services we offer:

  • Video Transcription: Whether you want to put subtitles for your video or need a detailed exact note of what is being spoken, you can get it in video transcription. Get your videos translated into text with complete data security.
  • Legal Transcription: Converting legal recordings such as witness statements, courtroom recordings, and proof of recordings can be done in legal transcription. Complete confidentiality is maintained in the conversion of your file.
  • Interview Transcription: Long and multiple interviews are converted into readable form.
  • Verbatim Transcription: The art to capture every word spoken and convert it into a text matter, in an exact way it is delivered is known as verbal transcripts. The staff has quite keen hearing and can accurately convert your audios into text form.
  • Dictation Services: You can dictate from wherever you want. Upload your audio files here and give us the chance to quickly turn your dictation into flawless documents at the lowest pricing packages

You can choose from complete customization of rates according to the time, inclusion of time stamp and whether you need full verbatim. The whole process is made very easy and fast for you. As prices and duration is fixed before placing order. We provide to you complete transparency in work. The confidentiality of our project is very crucial for us and data security is completely maintained. Our quick-responsive staff makes the project very safe and stress-free for you.
For your transcription we provide to you:

  • English-language transcription services
  • Longer and cost-saving options
  • Options of intelligent verbatim or full verbatim
  • Same day turnaround time for urgent projects
  • Make it as much personalized as possible
  • Custom Time-Stamp
  • Provide transcription for any number of speakers AT NO EXTRA COST
  • Any accent or dialects AT NO EXTRA COST

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